Melbourne Earthquake

animation 2021-09-23

A visualisation of the twitter activity when Melbourne had an earthquake

Winamp Animation

animation 2021-09-15

A simple animation, reminiscent of the old winamp visualisations

Matrix Raining Code

animation 2021-09-12

The raining code from the movie The Matrix (1999)

Australian Income

charts 2021-08-30

Graphs from ATO income stats 2018

Breathing Polygons

animation 2020-11-07

D3.js & maths practice by drawing breathing polygons

World Wealth

#MakeoverMonday 2020-02-17

All of the world's wealth, according to the Credit Suisse report

American Wartime

#MakeoverMonday 2020-02-01

Nearly a quarter of Americans have never experienced the U.S. in a time of peace according to the Washington Post.